The trouble of household or domestic waste disposal, irrespective of its origin, is always a headache. The waste that arises from household chores cannot be placed nearby to stink all around; it has to be correctly carried away. The same is true for garden waste that erupts when you hunker down over cleaning your garden of unrequited bushes and vines. The disposal has to be correctly and adequately executed to avoid shabbiness.

Industrial or commercial waste is somewhat similar, just on a bigger scale than its domestic counterpart. The trash generated is regular and in vast quantities, and thus, its disposal becomes critical and urgent to avoid nuisance in the premises. The industrial waste is subject to its origin and must be discarded appropriately, given the toxicity that might evolve out of it and travel to residential blocks.

Factors that Determine the Right Skip Bin Size

Residential or industrial, the best way of carrying and disposing of the waste is using a skip of the correct dimensions. The skip sizes below with their respective use are mentioned for you to choose your suitable size.

Tips to Choose the Right Skip Size

1)  Least Size

This skip size ranges between 2 yards to 3 yards and has an average capacity of holding 20-30 average-sized bins at one go. This is undoubtedly the one for you if you are planning a clean-up of your garden or having a medium-level recreation in your house.

2)  Medium Size

This skip size ranged from 4 yards to 5 yards and was meant to serve industries of slightly lesser extent than usual; these skips are somewhat more robust given their industrial purpose; they can lift 40-50 bin bags in a go without much overloading in place.

3)  Large Size

Now, from hereon, the skip sizes are completely for industrial use and thus consecutively heavier than usual. The large size corresponds to 6-16 yards and is the most suitable and optimal size for the industrial need of wastage disposal. These skips have a capacity of accommodating 70-200 average-sized bags of waste in a single trip.

4)  Largest Size

Your search for the optimum size of skip ends here; if the skips mentioned above did not suit your purpose or felt smaller in size, the most significant skip is undoubtedly the one you need. This skip is best to serve commercial purposes effectively; its size is a massive 6-16 yards with a maximum capacity of lifting nearly 400 bags of bin in a single trip of it.


The proper disposal of waste is thus possible by choosing the right skip size for your need; the tips mentioned above clearly state what you must look for and what you must avoid while buying a skip that is meant to serve your purpose. The size of small, medium, large, and extra-large skips mentioned above might be subject to minor changes given the diversity in manufacturing and the manufacturing firm.